Why School Playgrounds Are Important

School playgrounds are important for so many reasons. School is the place where every kid goes and daily and where they spend more than 6 hours every day, school become the second home of every kid because school is the place where they learn each and everything. If the kids spending half of their day at someplace they need to rest and for kids, the best way to rest is to play that is why playgrounds are important where kids can play and spend the quality time there. If school focus is only on the studies it drains the kids’ mind and they are not able to learn anything because their mind stops working and they want to get rid of everything but if school focus on their extra circular activities if fresh their mind, in fact, their mind start working fast because they stay healthy mentally. Mental health is so much important for the kids because they cannot handle so many things in a single go.

The school playground is important because it strengthens the kids physically and mentally. Some so many kids are more into sports which is a good sign because if they are in sports they become more strong both the mentally and physically. For example, there are two kids one is very active and one is lazy because of their daily routine, the active kid he has a perfect daily routine time is fix for waking up till the playtime and other kid has no routine that’s why he is not active and lazy. For the kids daily routine is so much important and which keeps them active for the whole day and this is the correct age when they learn about the discipline in their life.

Schools should have playgroup and sports surface where kids can play sports and other games which they like. School should have turf layers on the play area for the kids’ safety. Kids safety always comes first parents send their kids to school because they trust the school, so it is a school responsibility to provide protection and the best facilities to the kids so they can play easily. Turf layers are the best for the kids because if they fall it will save them from the injuries and turf laying Parramatta is better than the natural grass because there are chances that grass gets pesticides which are unsafe for the kids.

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