What Are The Qualities That A Mentor Must Have?

Happiness, comfort, safety, security, and well-being are the needs of a human being. But, most of them do not enjoy all these qualities and hence they feel that they are not enjoying their living in this world. There are umpteen numbers of problems that a man or a woman will be facing in the lives and every day there will be a new problem cropping up. This is how the world is and you cannot change what is happening around you. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to change yourself and not get bogged down by the tensions and the worries that come your way. If you are not feeling better and feel that you need a push from behind to drive you to think about your present and future, then you need to attend mentoring classes. To learn more about life coaching and its importance, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coaching#Life.life-coaching 

Where to find the right mentor?

The internet is the best place from where you will be able to find the accredited life coaching certificate. A person who has attended proper training can easily be your wellbeing mentor. But, that does not mean that every person that you come across is a good mentor. They would be having certain qualities that will help you in finding the best person to help you with your current situations that you are facing. The following are some of the broad aspects that the mentor you are looking at should have.

  • Good communication skills
    There are many people who believe that a good mentor needs to just be a great listener. There is no doubt that listening is part and parcel of a coach’s job, but this must not be the only job. He should be ready to communicate with his client from time to time and an 80/20 rule better applies here. The life coaching courses teach the coaches to listen to what the client is talking and what he is not saying. They must be keeping track of what the client says verbally and non-verbally.
  • Ask questions
    The coaches must be ready to ask eloquent questions to his clients from time to time. They must be asking clients the questions that will help them to answer as to what they want. The mentors must question their clients depending on what they are saying and not any questions that sound good.
  • Confidence is key
    The mentors you are approaching must be looking and talking confidently. They should be aware that they are going to work with clients who are going to share their problems with them and hence need to deal with clients confidently.