Types Of Pallet Racking Systems

It is the desire of every warehouse, industry or even the storing company to increase their productivity in the best manner and therefore they look for various solutions that can help to increase their productivity and at the same time saves them money. Therefore the pallet racking systems, industrial racking Melbourne all of these are the solutions to the common problems of the industry and warehouse. This system is best known for offering convenience and enable industries and warehouses to speed up their procedures. Another benefit due to which the pallet racking systems is used everywhere is that these could be manufactured in the desired size and design due to which it meets the needs of every warehouse and not only this but it has number of types and each type is suitable for different situation since every type has its own features and advantages.

The first type is the cantilever pallet racking. This is suitable for the warehouse where there is need to store the items that are long in length such as the timbers or rods of some materials or some long pipes. This type of pallet racking system is different from other types because it does not have any column on the front. This feature of the pallet racking make it suitable for increasing the space and is much easier to access. The common use of these cantilever pallet racking is in the inventory warehouses.

The next type in the pallet racking system is the selective racking. This is one the widely used type of the pallet racking system and is mostly used by every warehouse because of the reason that it is very easy to install and it is available in almost every size which makes it very much suitable for every warehouse and industry.

Another type of the long span shelving Melbourne is the push back pallet racking. This type of  the pallet racking system make use of the push back technique which is also known as the last in first out technique. The arrangement and design of this type of pallet racking system is similar to the design of the stack in which the item which is pushed at the first is the item which is popped out on the last. Another similar type of the pallet is the drive in which also make use of the similar technique but this is designed in such a way that it maximize the horizontal floor space.