Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Large

A common issue that many of us have to face when it comes to building or renovating the kitchen is the lack of space available. It is almost impossible to build the kitchen of our dreams with a small space. The more we try to stuff items to it the more it will get smaller. But, with a keen eye you can do wonders even to the tiniest space. All you need is the following tricks and tips.

Mirrored backsplash

Ever noticed how mirrors can make your space look bigger, even if it is your bedroom or bathroom. Large mirrors are always recommended for tiny spaces. Many of us think that mirrors go in the bedroom or the bathroom. But, the same trick can be used to enlarge your kitchen. Opting for mirror tiles or one large mirror instead of the typical tiles will make your kitchen look bigger. It will give you the much needed mental satisfaction. If you are not sure where the mirror should be placed, pass the idea to your kitchen designers, they will know exactly what to do.

Light colors

We have this misconception where we believe that kitchens should always have dark walls. This will prevent it from getting dirty but it will definitely make the kitchen look tiny. It is not something you want to do. Instead, opt for light colored walls. This will make the kitchen look more open. If you are really concerned about the dirt and the stains opt for a wall that is easy to clean. You can get to know about all the available options from your kitchen maker.

Open shelves

Many homeowners tend to opt for closed cupboards and cabinets. This is not the best idea to follow if you want the space to look bigger. In fact, opting for open shelves will prevent the space from cramming up and getting packed. Not only that, open shelves are extremely functional and super easy. You wont have to repair them constantly.

Ample lighting

By now you know that darker the space is the tinier it will get. So, if you really want your kitchen to look bigger you might want to add a bit more lighting. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a chandelier. Just simply opt for a little more lighting than usual. This will beam up the space and enlarge it.