Tips To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Your big day is the only day that you can flaunt your best ideas and have the kind of floral arrangements that will blow everyone’s mind. It’s important that your nuptial ceremony is one that guests will remember in another 5 years. The good old days of church limited weddings are gone. It’s all about having it extra, bigger and better. There’s no such thing called too extravagant for a wedding ceremony. From the food to the after party, everything has to be perfect to keep your guests impressed. Every bride dreams of saying their vows in an unforgettable way. If you’re looking to cook up some ideas to have a long lasting impression on your guests, here are few tips to help you.A unique location Don’t bore all your guests by inviting to the same location that your cousins, friends and family said vows. Sure a reputed place with a wonderful view of the sea would be amazing enough when it’s on the invitation card but a unique location like an outdoor themed wedding, fairytale wedding in a beautiful countryside location would make your big day unique and amazing. A cruise, a farm with a horse carriage can give you vibes of pages taken from a Jane Austen novel.An out of the world theme Ditch the traditional roses and posies. You’re allowed to think crazy in order to have a unique themed wedding. Add your own personal likes to the wedding. Sending up lanterns and having a customized way of throwing flowers from above while you walk down the aisle would be different from the conventional way of having a wedding. Don’t be afraid to lose a little, it’s your big day so spend on the wedding car hire Melbourne to drop you off in style.Your dress speaks a lotThe main attention on a nuptial ceremony is no doubt the bride and her dress. Every bride wants to dress to impress. From the lace to the corsets, a bride’s dress says a lot about the whole event. A long dramatic train to the pair of crystal diamond studded shoes, you can keep your guests eyes on you until the whole event is over. So, make sure your dress has a lot of attention paid to it.The great buffet The next most anticipated thing after a brides dress are the booze and the fancy meals laid out on the buffet table. The kind of food and cocktails you serve would have a lasting impression on the guests. If the food is bland and the crawfish is undercooked, all your efforts on the venue and decorations would be in vain. So, serve up a good cocktail to keep your guests entertained.Add extra fun Every guests want to enjoy a good after party for your big day. From chauffeured cars to drop them at the after party location to the band that plays neat music is something that would impress your guests. A flash mob by the bride and the groom will have the crowd hyped up for more fun. You could hire a professional dancer to help your friends and family to let loose on the dance floor. Check out more here