Things To Check When Purchasing A Used Car

With a major increase in car prices every year, it gets pretty difficult for a lot of people to purchase brand new cars which is why a lot of people prefer cheap car sales at Perth. To most, a second hand car may seem something like a bad option as they think that a used car is one that is in a bad state however, if you look around a bit, you may be able to get a pretty good deal too. To find out a good deal in a minimal price, here are some of the things you need to check in a car when going for a used one.

Test Drive

Test drive is one of the most important things that you should do when looking for a cheap used cars for sale Adelaide. Test drive is something that would give one an opportunity to understand the cars performance from both the perspective; interior as well as exterior. It will tell you how smooth the engine of the car is working, if there are any unusual sounds in the car or if anything is broken that needs to be fixed.


As much as the interior of the car matters for the performance of the drive, the exterior of the car is equally important. One must check the aesthetics of the car they are intending to buy as it can bring in a major change in the price. An even a slightly damaged car will have a major reduction in price than the one which is in a mint condition. So make sure you are carefully examining the car.


Engine of the car is something that should be thoroughly checked. In fact, it is highly recommended to bring with yourself a professional mechanic who would be able to guide you about the condition of the engine as to whether there are any leaks, dent, rust or any other problem that may impact the driving performance of the car. In order for a car to have a long life, an engine should be in a really good condition.

Air Conditioner

Always try on the air conditioner of the car to know whether it is in a working state or not despite having the weather being cold or not. If you want to know how well the car is maintained, always check the air conditioner of the car.

Exhaust System

Lastly, another most important part of the car that should be checked is the exhaust system as it is very much prone to getting rusts. Check every part of the car and mainly the bottom to see if there is any defect or not.