Seating Arrangements For Restaurants

Seating arrangements are very important for restaurants. It determines the dining experience that your guests will have. Just as you may serve different types of food, you can use more than one of these settings in your restaurant. This way guests can select the dining experience they wish to have and you can cater to a wider variety of clients.

Formal setting

If you want to have a formal dining setting for your guests you can arrange tables and chairs in the main dining area. You can leave the tables set before the guests arrive. Make sure you leave ample space between the tables to enable the guests at each table the privacy to have a conversation without being disturbed by their neighbours.

You can arrange your tables this way depending on the type of food that your restaurant serves. For instance if dinner is served in courses this kind of setting will be essential to complete the dining experience. Guests can use this space for important celebrations like anniversaries or business dinners.

Garden setting

A garden setting is the perfect area for functions such as high tea. Arrange the area with some flowers and use wicker outdoor furniture to complete the look. The furniture you use for this area has to be more durable and withstand the elements. You should also arrange some shade like a canopy or tents. Pick simple colours like white for the furniture and the tents so that it doesn’t contrast with or take away from the aesthetic of the beautiful garden. 

The garden setting is ideal for events like brunches and high tea and is an elegant and sophisticated place to have a relaxing party.

Places for meet ups and work

You can create informal spaces at which friends can meet up or where people can catch up on work with some coffee and a snack. If you are creating an outdoor space of this nature you can create seating space with an outdoor egg chair that is a very comfortable chair to sit on.

If you want to create an indoor space you can use a couch or some bean bags where friends can sit and talk. As for your guests who might come in to catch up on some work, you can have some tables around the couches where they can leave their books or computers. Furthermore you should have a few plug points so that people can plug in their computers. You can also provide free wifi as this will draw in a lot of the freelance-working crowd.