Myths And Truths Of Menstrual Cups!

Since the recent past, menstrual cups are much hyped about. With hype comes many lies and myths that need to be broken. Some of these stories revolving menstrual cups are absolutely absurd. So here we bust those myths and bring the raw truth of menstrual cups!

Virgins can’t use menstrual cups

False. Women of all ages and sizes can use menstrual cups with much ease. Using these cups for the bleeding doesn’t in anyway take up the virginity of girls. The cup is made up of easily foldable silicon that can inserted with less effort. Virgins can absolutely use the cups without losing their virginity, no doubt!

The cups loosen the vagina

This again is another false belief. A menstrual cup doesn’t in anyway loosen or tighten the vagina. The cup is only a silicon device that is used as a suction method to get rid of the menstruating blood. They don’t have the ability to loosen the vagina. Loosening of the vagina is directly linked to muscles stretching due to old age or child birth.

The cups cause TSS

Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is a fatal disease that is occur suddenly due to release of poisonous toxic bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus, or staph. This occurs mainly in women who use super absorbent tampons. In fact cups are the safest and healthiest alternative that has shown no risk of TSS. The material used by most cups are bio degradable and pose no chemical threat.

The Cups can be washed with any soap

This again is false. It is important to not wash the cup in regular soaps, hand wash and other bleaches which can cause much damage to your cups and cause irritation of the vagina. Your manual of how to wear menstrual cup will have details on how to wash them too. So make sure to read through it completely. The most recommended product to wash these cups are the liquids designed specifically to wash these cups.

The cups hurt to insert and are very painful

Menstrual cups are the least tacky solution to menstrual bleeding. It is also not painful and is very easy to insert and use. Especially with practice these cups are as easy to use as tampons and pads. If you feel any pain while inserting it maybe because you are not lubricated enough. To be lubricated use water. And if you are feeling pain after inserting the cup it maybe because of two reasons. One, the cup may not be the correct size. Two, the cup may not be inserted correctly. Read the user manual with package or research online to get a better idea on how to wear the cup.The cups have been used from as early as the 1930s. And since then it has been catching the attention of women globally because of it being easy to use and cheap. An added advantage is that it is environmentally friendly and a healthy alternative! Menstrual cups are gaining popularity steadily and will very soon be very women’s best friend!