How To Get Around Without Driving When Travelling Overseas

Whether you’re travelling for work or on a honeymoon, if you are in a foreign country and not ready to get behind the wheel then it is important to consider all your options and plan ahead. There are various factors you will have to consider based on the country or city you will be staying in as well as things like if you are time poor or if it is safer to hire a private car over a taxi.

Best way to ensure there are no bumps in the road is to research your destination with chauffeur service in great detail. This does not include looking up pictures of their nicest beaches but rather reviews by people who have travelled there and articles from reputable sources. When researching, ensure that the information you are looking up is recent as the last thing you want to do is base your decisions on outdated information. You also want to check the source for any bias or see if they are writing in a subjective manner as you do not want to be taking advice on transport by the local bus company as you can imagine what form of transport they would recommending.

Speaking of public transport, this is obviously the first thing you will want to look in to as it is usually a very practical and cost-effective way to get around. Buses, trains and even water taxis are great as they are usually easy to access and the locals can point you in the right direction if you take a wrong turn. It is also a good way to get to experience with airport taxi the local lifestyle and really embrace the culture. Just be sure to look into what is safe and what you want to avoid and this is when you are really going to rely on those online reviews.

Asking people who have travelled to the same location is another great way to decide how you will get around. If you are staying at a hotel, you can usually ask concierge for advice as they are very resourceful and can usually provide you with a bus or train map with all the times and routes available. If at all possible, printing these off before you get to your destination and getting familiar with them is always a smart idea.

Finally there are various options that range based on the city you are staying in. For example if you go to New York then taxis are cheap and always available. If you are going to Italy then why not live out the cliché and hire a vesper for the day but be sure to get insured just in case. If you are headed to Thailand then you will most then likely take a tuk tuk but just be sure to get on the right one. Based on your location, a luxury car could even be the best form of transport in places like the Philippines.